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 I get it. You’re not finding joy in your life. You have been looking after everything & everybody else. Alot depends on YOU staying energetic and healthy.

It pains me to see women entrepreneurs & business professionals exhausted and at risk for declining health. Are you struggling knowing you need to make changes to your eating and lifestyle?

You must have heard this saying “You are what you eat.” Really? Hogwash! You are also your lifestyle habits. One without the other just doesn’t make any sense. 

As a single mom and serial entrepreneur I had struggled for years with pain and exhaustion looking after everything and everyone else, as well as dealing with personal grief. Eventually I was diagnosed first with allergies, then hypoglycemia and ultimately fibromyalgia.

A few years ago, once more at a crossroads personally and professionally, I struggled once again to revive past deep personal & family grief. Absolutely sick of feeling sick and tired,  I combined my passion for people, growing and eating real food with training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to receive my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Practitioner. 

This is the foundation that Your Better Living Coach Wellness Programs are built on, the how to, support, information & tools to end struggling to figure it all out by yourself.  Step-by-step practical adjustments will transform your eating and lifestyle habits without feeling deprived or guilty.  Ultimately changing your health!

You know how when mealtime rolls around you just want to get a meal on the table without the guilt of whether it is healthy or not? AND you sure don’t have hours to do all the preparation. Maybe you or someone you care about needs to make changes to eating habits because of food intolerance.

Tastymonial: Marcella & Barry B.

Gaining the knowledge of what is available and how to easily prepare meals and snacks has been vitally important in dealing with type 2 Diabetes and Celiac disease. We have learned a ton from Elaine’s expertise to allow us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She keeps things lively and interesting.

Have you received recommendations from the doctor for changing your eating or lifestyle habits “or else”? How do you make it all happen in your own household?

Katreena B. 

I am a busy business owner and staying healthy is really important to me. I have learned a bunch of tricks for fast healthy home cooking/food prepping and what foods to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Elaine’s ease of teaching has me exploring recipes that I had only wondered about but didn’t take the time to look into and I now do regularly. They are delicious & really take no time at all. Way less costly than purchasing at the grocer or health food store!

This is your health. You make important decisions everyday. Family and colleagues count on you. Where are you right now? Are you where you want to be personally and professionally? If not, why not?

What do you want?

  • more energy
  • less stress
  • lose weight
  • look good
  • feel great
  • eat cleaner
  • reduce inflammation
  • eat/live simply

Gotten this far and  wondering where to start? 


 10-Week Eating for Energy Kickstart 

This program provides you with the knowledge you need to choose wholesome, nutrient foods & practical lifestyle adjustments that you and your family will love. You’ll learn how to maximize nutrition while minimizing time & cost. Drawing upon my training and expertise (self-sufficiency, growing, cooking, AND raising a family mostly on my own) you’ll incorporate healthier eating and lifestyle habits to kickstart your personal and professional performance.  You’ll love the practical & budget-wise balanced lessons in clean eating & living with all the benefits saving you time and money in the process.

This is for you ONLY if:

  • you want to stretch your dollar, choosing  & making cleaner food and lifestyle choices that are easy and affordable
  • You’re caught up in the busyness of life but don’t want to compromise yours or your family’s health.
  • Need to feed others who have food sensitivities or intolerances
  • You don’t have the time or want to spend hours in the kitchen or researching the internet
  • You’ve heard all the “should’s” & “shouldn’ts” but just want to know HOW to make it work for YOU
  • If you want to refresh your enthusiasm for eating & living cleaner
  • You want to redefine the word “healthy” 

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Elaine Cooper Your Better Living Coach will provide you the know how for what nutrient dense foods to choose and provide support for choosing healthier lifestyle practices to maximize your everyday energy & performance. You will gain the knowledge and the support needed cutting down on time & cost for making practical adjustments with anti-aging and disease prevention in mind.

 Celebrate on a journey to Better Living” as you learn to……

  • maximize nutrition as well as minimize time
  • choosing foods for snacks & meal preparation that taste good
  • detox your takeout
  • pump up the flavour of foods 
  • choose “healthy” fast foods
  • eat colourful
  • eat alkaline to decrease inflammation
  • eat seasonally
  • get more raw foods in your diet
  • make easy Fit Fast Fun Recipes with gluten free, dairy free & egg free options
  • reduce toxins in your eating and living
  • make eating and lifestyle choices to nourish your body, mind, soul with disease prevention and anti-aging in mind
  • make simple eating & living an every day practise
  • tips and tricks for saving time, money & energy putting it all together
  • discover basic FUN tools

Are you ready to change this story?

 Elaine says, I know. I’ve been there. After my diagnosis of fibromyalgia there was NO support.  I’ve spent years looking for answers. What I know is changing eating and lifestyle habits have made the most difference. And now, I will support YOU! 





Wellness Program 

Click here to REGISTER  with an email SUBJECT LINE: DO I QUALIFY? You will be contacted by one of our Customer Care Crew to schedule your Clarity Call  to see if this program is a good fit for your needs.

There is a new movement afoot. It’s a new class of “healthy”. People who insist on operating their lives everyday with true spirit, soul, congruence and integrity. You are about to have access to the tools I used myself, in my life and in my eating. I have only ever shared them with my top-tier clients. The secret sauce that fuelled their desire to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

All this talk of soul and energy. Isn’t that a bit “too woo”?

Absolutely not! Up until now, health coaches have separated teachings into 2 tracks: lifestyle “soul stuff” and eating, for creating healthier habits.

One without the other DOESN’T WORK. So…why now?

  • You are more than what you eat, you are also your lifestyle.  
  • You aren’t getting anywhere with the laws of attraction.
  • And you are not finding joy in your life – which is the whole point of “Better Living”in the first place.

Because it’s time to look after yourself!woman on grassy hill

WARNING: This 10-Week Eating for Energy Kickstart is NOT a quick fix.

  • Eating for Energy Kickstart is NOT a magic pill.

There is no such thing. I am not going to promise you the moon in 10 weeks.

You know why?  Because here’s the deal: a magic pill comes from OUTSIDE of you.

It makes you believe that you can’t create that level of success from within. The entire concept of magic pills disempowers YOU. I want you to understand what your life will be like when you tap into your own power step-by-step making practical eating and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Eating for Energy Kickstart is NOT a quick fix.

All those “quick fix” programs out there promise results – while you just sit back and wait, right? Hmm, yeah, not so much here.

Great results don’t come from disengaging from your life and hoping for the best. In fact”hoping for the best is what causes most people to give up on themselves. Give up on the goals and intentions they so want to achieve. They have forgotten how to take conscious action…So they wish for a quick fix.

Following the same patterns, expecting a different result…you know the rest.

In your Eating for Energy Kickstart, we go deep nourishing your body, mind and soul deep.

Live and eat clean.  It seems simple enough.  You’ve heard all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. But how do you make it happen in your own household. And isn’t organic food more expensive? Sure, eating healthier is great, but not if you go broke in the process. Freedom of choice for making healthier choices combined with proper education and support is the key.

With my training & life skills, I will share with you what I know to get you KICKSTARTED choosing to eat and live simply.

RESULTS = Look good, Feel Great with Decreased Inflammation, Increased Energy, Weight Loss

even Anti-Aging & Disease Prevention

Wondering where to start? CLICK BELOW

Click here to REGISTER  with an email SUBJECT LINE: DO I QUALIFY? You will be contacted by one of our Customer Care Crew to schedule your Clarity Call  to see if this program is a good fit for your needs.

BONUS Pricing $497.

 January  2017  ONLY

($1297. Regular program price)

  Sick of feeling paralyzed from all the “you should eat or do this” and “you shouldn’t eat or do that”?

Want to make practical adjustments for Simple (Clean) Eating & Simple Living?

We all know that we need to pay attention to our health.

Unless, we are at the “or else” stage, when our body is screaming at us to do something, you may be feeling unsure of where to start…or when.

Nutrition is an ever-changing science and if you’re trying to keep up in the media and feel overwhelmed with all the media hype, should you even bother to try?

There is no magic “when”, and yes you must bother! It is never too early or too late to get started…

…for yourself and those that love and depend on you.

Investing her time, energy and many of thousands of dollars studying, Elaine Cooper founder of Your Better Living Coach programs discovered this…

…no one diet has a one-size-fits all solution, which is why this 10- Week EATING FOR ENERGY KickStart has concrete steps for making practical doable adjustments to eating and lifestyle habits. Your first steps to simple eating and simple living!

Overview of Modules in

YBLC 10 –Week Eating For Energy KickStart

Module 1 Essential Grocery List, Food Prep, Cooking Tips & Healthy Snack List

 This is what you need to get started off on the right foot. Planning will save time and money when it comes down to getting a meal on the table or snacks ready to grab n’ go.

Module 2 Dessert For Breakfast?

 You know this is the most important meal of the day so start it off right with a powerful punch of energy. Want to get unstuck with a unique twist to the same old, same old breakfast basics?

BONUS: The Breakfast Experiment

 Module 3 How To Make Meals Work

 Simply. Take along ideas that fit easily into your routine saving you time and the cost of  eating out.

Module 4 Spice Up Your Life

 Vinaigrettes, condiments, herb mixtures & spices for everyday use PLUS 8 cooking oils that will spice things up without relying on salt or artificial flavourings for flavour boost.

Module 5 Soups & Broths

 Brimming with goodness make nutrient-dense foods like broth, easily and affordably. You will use these ideas and recipes over and over.

Module 6 Primary Food & Check-in

Deep dive time. All that we consider today as nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy. Let’s talk about Primary Food.


Module 7 Enzyme Optimization – Raw Food 101 Uncooking

 How well we digest any given type of food is at least partially dependent on the quantities and types of enzymes the body is capable of producing.

In real food, plants, the soil in your garden, and every living creature there are countless thousands of chemical reactions that get their start with an enzyme.

BONUS: Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation causes weight gain and prevents weight loss? Get more living nutrients in your diet eating raw foods ultimately increasing alkalinity & reducing inflammation.

Module 8 Simple Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

When you nourish yourself with a colourful plate of nutrient dense food like veggies, you will naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick. How to fix ‘em, hide ‘em and see your family eat ‘em.

BONUS: Now you’ve got all these great fruits and  vegetables. Keep them at their freshest with these tips.

Module 9 Protein & Dairy…You decide.

Protein consumption is a hot topic these days. How much is enough? How often? What time of day? Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian Cultures. Vegan Sources of Protein. Dairy Alternatives.

 Module 10 Understanding Cravings Gentle Sweets & Treats

 Can’t stay away from the sweets? Rather than depending on processed sugar to satisfy cravings, there are foods you can add to your daily diet to satisfy your sweet tooth without the blood sugar ups and downs. Almost everyone craves sweets. Lose the guilt and satisfy any sweet tooth without refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and blood sugar ups & downs.Rather than depending on processed sugar to satisfy cravings, here you’ll find out about naturally sweet foods and how adding them to your daily diet will satisfy your sweet tooth

Bonus Gluten-Free Cooking


 PLUS! The first 21- Days is a guided Whole Food Detox. You will also receive, videos, & 10 LIVE Coaching Calls covering how to implement what is presented in the detox and modules AND there is a private FB group for daily support.

The ten sessions and private FB group with Elaine are an opportunity to ask questions compare notes with a community of peers and learn how to heal on many levels.

All live coaching calls are recorded so you can review them at your convenience and as often as you like.

You are more than what you eat!

You are also your lifestyle habits.


These are the exact same adjustments Elaine made to change her own health path including a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, that had her hiding under the covers more often than she will admit.

Make no mistake making changes isn’t always easy, BUT the secret to success is simple …

Initiative & Supportive Coaching…

…with a straight-forward, no BS approach. You will have a step-by-step guide for making the necessary changes for kick starting your life towards Better Living. Simply.

Elaine says, “I see many clients who suffer from allergies, stress, fatigue, headaches, hormonal imbalances, digestive, sleep & weight issues, weak immune systems & skin problems. 

These are the body’s cries for help! It is asking for a time to rest, rejuvenate, be deeply nurtured, and “tuned up.”

 STOP making do & trying to figure it all out by yourself!”

 Yes, please enroll me now at the 

BONUS Pricing $497.

available only January 2017

($1297. Regular program price)

Don’t wait as enrollment is limited and won’t be offered at this price again! EVER!

 No worry, no hassles, no risk with this…

…Leap And The Net Will Appear Guarantee

 We want you to feel at complete ease making this decision.

So we are offering you a 30-day complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

We are proud of you for making the time, effort and investment   in yourself. There is zero, zip, no risk with our …

Leap and the Net will Appear Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Better Living Coach Coaching Program

Who should sign up for the program? 

The program is designed for busy entrepreneurs and business professionals taking care of everything and everybody else, that want to look good, feel great and clean up their eating and lifestyle habits. They have noticed a significant change in their health and know they need to finally look after themselves. They are curious, and want to learn in depth knowledge about their health and how they can increase their personal and professional energies and decrease the stressors.

My schedule is busy! Will this program be too much to handle? 

This program was designed for busy individuals! We supply you with  trainings and modules that are easily adaptable to your lifestyle. The coaching calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live sessions. Videos will be available to enhance the modules and calls.  Lastly, our private Facebook Group allows you to connect with Elaine & the other learners in an easy and convenient way!

How long will I have access to the modules? 

You will ALWAYS have access to the modules. Learners can either log into the membership page to review modules or have the option to download the modules to their computer and then save them to any platform they choose- such as an iphone/ipad, ipod, etc.

How long will I have access to the Facebook group? 

You will have access to the Facebook group, even after the program is completed! There is always an opportunity for continued learning.

Can I pay in installments?  The price of $497. (regular price $1297.) a one-time payment through paypal or e-transfer.

Is the course live? 

All coaching calls are live and we record every call in case you can’t make it to the scheduled calls.

Do we receive the modules all at one time, or are they released on a set schedule? 

The modules are released on a set schedule. This helps you integrate the information into your life easily. You can always refer back to modules that have already been released, but you cannot review modules before their release dates. We offer this method so learners are not overwhelmed with the valuable information all at once.

What is the format? 

All modules delivered to your inbox online. The LIVE coaching calls are hosted through You will receive dates, times and information in your welcome packet. After each LIVE coaching call, we will post the recording to the private FB group and membership page.

What if I’m busy at the time of the calls? 

No worries! We will send you the recording the next day! Even better- you can send your questions in advance to Elaine and she will address them on the call if you can’t make it.

How much time will it take to do each module?

You have the option to put as much or as little time needed towards the program, however we recommend dedicating at least 1 hour to review each module. You will need approximately 1-2 hours a week doing the recommended homework, and interacting in the Facebook Group. The homework and the Facebook Group is not mandatory to participate in, but it is highly encouraged.

What is the time duration of each coaching call?

Each coaching call will run about an hour. Based on the amount of questions that come in for the coaching calls, we may go a bit longer.

How do I know I’m getting a big bang for my buck? 

The modules with LIVE group coaching calls is valued at $1297.  This program is available NOW at $497. (Won’t be this price again!)

Do you offer a refund policy? 

If you are not satisfied  with Your Better Living Coach 10- Week Eating For Energy KickStart program (tell us) & within 30 days of the program start date  your full tuition will be refunded. PROMISE!

 Disclaimer : Any written articles or advice including working with Elaine Cooper INHC Integrative Nutrition Health Coach or following Your Better Living Coach Wellness programs should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is certainly not meant to take the place of seeing your Medical Doctor or other licensed health professional.

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