I blame you Dad… for my streak

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Volume 5   # 6 Newsletter  June   2016

The world belongs to those with the most energy. -Alexis de Tocqueville

My Dad was strong of character, physically active and a self-made entrepreneur. I blame him for my independent entrepreneurial streak!

Wedding 1; 2

Happy Father’s Day Dad

Dad was determined to wear the same grey suit (despite looking blue in little pic) both times he gave me away…20 years apart! He was darned proud that it still fit. Though he did wear a new shirt and tie! Thinking of you not just on Father’s Day, always.


ARTICLE Snack Attack

There’s no denying that everyone, at one time or another, has had a snack attack. Views on snacking differ. Some feel that snacking is bad and that eating between meals leads to weight gain. Others believe that eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is healthy for maintaining energy levels and optimal weight. If there were one way of snacking that was right for everyone, we would all be doing it!

To alleviate snack attack guilt, try to understand why you are snacking and what snacks work best for your body. Perhaps you snack because your daily diet is missing nutrition, or because you are eating too little at meals. You might be snacking to soothe jangled nerves when you are emotional, or to entertain yourself when you are bored. Whatever your reason, acknowledge it and start thinking about how to create a life that is nourishing and truly satisfying.

Although snacks are no substitute for loving your life, they can be great energy boosters. Many convenient snack foods are highly processed and full of chemicals, additives, damaging fats and refined sugars. When a snack attack hits you, try foods that are filling and satisfying, but also nutritious. Here are some tips:

  • Snack on things that don’t come in a plastic wrapper or a box, like fresh fruit, leftover vegetables or rice cakes with almond butter and fruit spread.
  • Make your own signature trail mix, organic hot chocolate made with almond milk sweetened with agave nectar, or blue corn chips with hummus.

You can also try “upgrading”:

  • If you are craving something crunchy, upgrade from potato chips to raw carrots, apples or whole grain crackers.
  • If you are craving a candy bar, upgrade to a handful of nuts and dried fruit.
  • Instead of a cup of coffee, upgrade to green tea.

Instead of ice cream, upgrade to applesauce with cinnamon.

Upgraded snacks are high in nutrition and give you a greater sense of satiety and satisfaction; you won’t feel physically or psychologically deprived, and you’ll have plenty of energy to sustain your activities for hours.

Snacking is enjoyable and there is a wide variety of healthful goodies for whatever you’re craving, be it sweet, crunchy, salty, creamy or spicy. Dive in, be creative and enjoy your snack attack.

Food Focus: Fruit cropped-fruit-row.jpeg                                                                                                  

A healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity, optimum weight, abundant energy and balance. By using fruit to satisfy our taste for sweetness, we can leave behind the use of chemical, processed and refined sweeteners. Fruits are easy to digest, are cleansing and cooling and are great for those who are overstressed and overheated from excessive mental strain or hot climates. Fruits are filled with fibre and liver stimulants, which act as natural, gentle laxatives. Whenever possible, buy fresh, locally grown fruit as opposed to imported fruits shipped from far-off places. This keeps you eating in season, and more in harmony with your environment and climate.

Eating raw fruit in summer months is highly cooling, while baking it in the winter months neutralizes the cooling effect. Fruit in the form of juice is a great choice for cleansing the body, but be aware that juice rapidly raises blood sugar levels, leading to an energy crash soon after. Frozen, whole, puréed or juiced fruit can make great summertime cool-down treats. Try frozen grapes, banana-coconut smoothie popsicles or lime juice ice-cubes in iced tea!

Whether you are having fresh fruit for a light early morning breakfast, a midday snack or evening treat, enjoy nature’s sweetness and whenever possible buy organic. Here are a few summer fruits and their health benefits:

Apricots: Great for lung conditions and asthma; used to help treat anemia due to their high copper and cobalt content.

Bananas: Help to lubricate the intestines, treat ulcers, detoxify the body and manage sugar cravings; are rich in potassium (which helps hypertension).

Cherries: Slightly warming in nature; increase overall body energy, remedy arthritis and rheumatism and are rich in iron, which improves the blood.

Grapefruits: Treat poor digestion, increase appetite during pregnancy, alleviate intestinal gas and reduce mucus conditions of the lungs.

Papayas: Tone the stomach, act as digestive aid, moisten the lungs and alleviate coughing; contain carpaine, an anti-tumor compound.

Raspberries: Benefit the liver and kidneys, cleanse blood of toxins, regulate menstrual cycles, treat anemia and can promote labor at childbirth.

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COOPER’S KITCHEN       Fit Fast Fun Recipes

Kombucha is loaded with probiotics that are beneficial to gut health. A fermented beverage, it is fresh with just the right amount of zing. (That is unless you leave it too long. Then you have a fresh vinegar for salads!) Costly in health food stores? Pennies when you make it yourself.

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Scared? At first, heck yeh!

FOLLOW Elaine Cooper YBLC Mom, Gramma Author, Coach, Real Foodist, Speaker, Blogger, &  Aeroponic Urban Gardener living a saucy seasoned midlife taking the “Hassle out of Healthy” .

Where Am I? YBLExpo Ottawa

          May 14 2016

Resist your fear; fear will never lead to you a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe.
T. D. Jakes

Scared? At first, heck yeh! That’s me behind that helmet if you hadn’t guessed.


By the time I took this picture I was feeling more comfortable sitting on the back of a sport motorcycle. This was our mode of travel when out and about from the RV on my epic month-long bucket list road trip.

I grew up with a not-so-healthy fear of being alone topped off with a huge lack of self-confidence which spills out now and again even now as an adult.

Newly married I was terrified that I couldn’t carry on if something happened to take the ones I loved away and…

… the something happened. Twice!

Our family has been torn apart with grief and the loss of  two much loved husbands & devoted Dads.

“You are so brave”. “You’ll get over it”. People mean well, brave is NOT what I felt. To live with this was like I needed to carry a shovel on my back just so I would be ready to dig out of the next pile of crap. I am going way out of my comfort zone putting this out there for you to see.

I chose to focus on the one thing that hadn’t changed … living with intention taking nothing for granted.  That fear of carrying on buried …to continue to the best of my ability despite my “mess” of grief, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

ARTICLE from business coach Suzanne Evans

Pain is inevitable.

It feels like it takes forever. It feels the pain will never end. Your emotional brain tells you this will always be hard. Always hurt. Always be wrong.

Your rational brain tells you that whatever is wrong will be ok. Whatever is happening will eventually be over.

So whether it is a relationship or business bust … an employee leaves… a long term client storms away… a person you love hurts you… you make a big mistake… everything stops working… someone leaves… you fail….. it fails… cash is strapped… you get sick… your feelings get hurt… all you hear are no’s… you just can’t get it right.

It hurts pretty bad in the moment.

1) Know that pain will not kill you. It actually informs you, educates you, and prepares you. Think about it. Without the pain you wouldn’t notice what is wonderful all around you. No one can really taste joy without experiencing deep pain.

2) This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever.  The hurt will become a story. The scab will become a scar to simply remind you that you went through that. It is always with you, but no longer raw.

3) You need both. In business and life you need the wins and the losses. You need the hard and the easy. Life and business requires a balance and that balance comes through a deep well of experiences. Be ready instead of afraid of the tough spots. It’s really a blessing. It’s a teacher. It guides you on your weak spots and encourages you to strengthen them.

4) Share. My failures and hardships are much more interesting than what I did right. What works is simple. People see the success and they see the rewards. The pain and the mess ups are difficult to deal with. It’s ok.  Know that the world truly loves vulnerable people. And the world loves to help someone back up when they are down.

5) Confidence comes through despair. Every time we go through something hard in our business or our life we get a little more self confidence. Every time we end up on the other side of a hard time or a failure we realize we are stronger than we thought. We are wiser than we thought. We are more generous and strategic and sharp and courageous than we thought. It’s a little badge to add to the sash that says, “Look at what I have overcome.”

Pain is fear. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I have been a failure.
I have been embarrassed.
I have been hurt.
I have been worried.
I have been afraid.
I have been wrong.
I have been sad.
I have been a bust.

It has been painful…

And I’m here and the better for it. You will be too.

About: Suzanne Evans owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC, is the tell-it-like-it-is, no fluff boss of business building. She supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs. Having surpassed the seven figure mark herself in just over three years, she’s coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding 8 million dollars. In 2011, she launched her Global Impact Project, a not for profit serving women worldwide in education, entrepreneurship, and equality.

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Fit Fast Fun Recipes from


I left this one “lucky” flower. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a 4-leaf clover in there?



Neat ways to use dandelion in your meal prep.***Please be sure to pick ONLY greens or flowers where you know the area is free of any kind of toxic treatment. Beware of roadsides!

  1. Sautéed Greens and Garlic

With their rich mineral and vitamin content, dandelion greens are a healthy addition to any meal. Sautéing with garlic (or ginger or capers) adds flavour and gets rid of some of the bitterness they are famous for. Blanching them by immersing them in boiling water for 20 to 30 seconds also helps. The very mature leaves are the most bitter. If they are already in full flower they can be too unpleasant for some.

  1. Dandelion Pumpkin Seed Pesto

This nutritious pesto is perfect for a simple pasta, sandwich spread or veggie dip. Because the dandelion greens have a slight bite, the toasted pumpkin seeds (even sunflower or sesame), lemon juice and parmesan add variety and balance. Eliminate parmesan if avoiding dairy.

  1. Herbal Vinegar

This herbal vinegar is a nice change for salads, in dressings, soups, stews and sauces. Infuse dandelion flowers in apple cider vinegar for four weeks, strain and store in a dark place for up to twelve months.


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What is YOUR why?
Is it your intention to “get with it” and eat cleaner? Received recommendations from your doctor for changing your eating habits ? No need to feel overwhelmed or deprived. Turn your intention into action steps.

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NOTE : This post is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional. Its always the best practice to consult your doctor for a comprehensive guide/advice on health problems.

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…no it’s not what you think. I’m in love with rocks!

I got a little woo hiking on the red rocks of Sedona Arizona recently. I couldn’t help it with the sheer beauty surrounding me. The path was rough in some places and I had to pay attention to where I was making my next steps. Otherwise, I was taking it all in, the view, the beautiful day and feeling awestruck with the massive rock peaks.
Three months ago I mentioned to a friend I had been thinking of doing a road trip at some point exploring farmer’s markets around the country to meet the people and visit the places our food is grown in. Then I would share my experiences by writing & posting blog articles for others to enjoy.I never imagined that from that conversation, I would be tromping around at the Hoover Dam, filming a rare Grand Canyon rainbow, then perching on top of the red rocks in the Vortex of Sedona AZ  and getting there by using the less travelled roads. Lots to cross off my bucket list!


Grand Canyon Rainbow

Ok, so what’s the big deal? Well, a few years ago diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wanting to stay under the covers with overwhelming pain and exhaustion, I couldn’t have imagined venturing out on a road for a week. A month? No way. I wouldn’t even have entertained the thought. How would I manage to keep from rocking the inflammatory boat that would drown me with fibromyalgia flare ups?

This time, my stinkin’ thinkin’ got booted out the door. I stopped thinking so much about it and grabbed the invitation for the opportunity to travel. No reason not to make this year mine, celebrating personal and professional milestones. Scared? Oh yeh. ’cause part of that time I would be travelling on the back of a sport motorcycle. With that visual in mind, I’ll tell you more next time.

A little confession here. I tried to ignore my birthday last year as I turned “60”! The very first time I experienced an “Ugh another birthday!” moment. This year I am making up for it and holding my own event. (Another one crossed off the bucket list)!

If you are in the Ottawa area I want to invite you to my birthday & business bash “Your Better Living Expo being held June 4 from 10- 4, benefitting  the Odawa Youth Social Enterprise program. Fun, Food, Education & Awareness for “better living” from the ground up. See you there?  Advance tickets are free. I will save you a hug!

See details and get your TICKETS here

Now, go on a treasure hunt of your own to find a nutrient dense food you haven’t tried yet. I’d love to hear what you chose.

signature 7_14 1

“BE CREATIVE” with this from my collection…


The flavours of sweet honeydew, tart lime, and juicy red grapes combine in this smooth drink. A simple refreshing switch from sweet sodas and iced tea. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and other healthful nutrients such as glutathione.


  • 1 small honeydew melon
  • ½ cup seedless red grapes
  • ½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ½ cup honey
  • 2 cups sparkling water


  1. Cut melon in half, scoop out seeds, peel, nd cut into 1-inch cubes. Wash grapes well and remove stems. Freeze melon and grapes for one hour.
  2. Combine frozen melon and grapes with lime juice and honey in a blender. Puree until smooth, adding water as needed. Serve immediately.

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how I increased my energy (and you can too)

Volume 1 Issue 7 2014

What a gorgeous weekend of bright sunshine, birthday celebrations for a grandson, and tip-toeing through the tulips in Ottawa. Raising three daughters and having 3 grandgirls having a little grandson is so different.  He loved the flowers but the wheelbarrows were his favourite!

DiDi and me

DiDi and me


Feature Article

While I am now a health coach and understand how to increase my energy and lose weight safely without drastic measures, it wasn’t always that way.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight. I remember how it made me lack  confidence and uncomfortable with what others my age thought of me. Later on, as an adult, allergies, hypoglycemia then fibromyalgia raised their ugly heads.

I finally discovered that the problem wasn’t me. It was a lack of information about the underlying causes. Not one of the diet or nutrition books I read mentioned how I could be sensitive to certain foods.  And that these foods were causing inflammation and even weight loss resistance.

I thought I was eating healthy foods, but what I learned is that some of the foods I was eating were actually viewed as toxins by my body.

I know how frustrating it is to go on a detox diet and be hungry. Want to transform the way you look and think about food?  I am going to show you a way to think about your body and food with delicious recipes that will satisfy your taste  buds. Continue reading

who you are and who you can become

Volume 1 Issue 6 2014

There is empowerment discovering who you are and who you become going through change. You may cringe with a mighty mix of emotions when someone says “You are so courageous” or ” You are so brave”.  Anger, sadness, disbelief, emptiness, fatigue are just some of  the ingredients to discover what brave means.  Feeling anything but brave,  instead scared to death how to manage it all?

To move forward toward healing there will come a moment when you know you wouldn’t ever want to go back. Is it hard ? Hell yes!  Maybe you are asking why this was to be your path when you feel like everyone else is the lucky one and you are all alone with no obvious answers.

Dandelion in clover

What if…….. you looked at it like this?

A child is given a pizza size chocolate chip cookie.   You decide to use this as a teaching tool telling her/him that sharing with friends would be a nice thing to do. Reluctantly they give 1 piece, then 2 then 3 and so on until there is a moderate size left they can easily handle.  Happy faces are smiling all around and lesson learned.

Ok, ok I know they probably kicked up a fuss ’cause they  wanted to eat the whole thing by themselves!  What about using this for yourself as a metaphor  for going through change?  You don’t have to do this alone. Share with someone you trust & build support step by step for living a happier, healthier life  & becoming the YOU you want to be. Makes the task alot less daunting.

(Couldn’t resist posting this recipe after writing that! )

FEATURE ARTICLE                  Another RECIPE from Cooper’s Kitchen (that’s me!)

Gluten free Pizza Crust

Did you get my message about my  surprise?  EARLY BIRD SAVINGS will continue until my birthday on May 25th!


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we all have one of these

Without these we would not be on this planet.  Of course, I am talking about our mothers! This past Mother’s Day my Mom also celebrated a birthday. What does my mother say when asked what she would like to do for the day? “Nothing”!  I warned her that if she was leaving it up to me, it would be “game on” for a road trip stopping wherever and whenever.

 Mom & I Me and Mom at the “dam”. 

Mother Nature supplied the gorgeous blue sky and sunshine.  Our stops were numerous.  The first, a favourite spot at the “dam” on the river where our family used to spend a summer Sunday, then the family farmstead(new owners) where she was born.  She had a grand time sharing her memories ( fishing for trout in the brook) and seeing how things had changed, like the pine tree her Dad planted, that now dwarfs the shed.  We even ending up chatting with neighbours she had known since a child.

Bliss farm Fairfax Rd

Brook at Fairfax






The greatest gifts don’t necessarily come from shopping the malls or the internet.

Ending up the day with a nice meal together was the best Mother’s Day/birthday present I could have given her. You see, Mom has fibromyalgia & macular degeneration (legally blind). The opportunity to be out and about on such a gorgeous day was ………….priceless!

I still chuckle thinking about a recent conversation. Talking about doing a detox, I got asked if I had “healed myself” with my blender! Well, yes and no.  That wasn’t the only thing I have done to manage my health. READ MORE here

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RECIPE from Cooper’s Kitchen (that’s me!)

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Gingery Greens  (for 4)