10-Week Eating For Energy KickStart



10-Week Eating For Energy Kickstart


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Start Date: Week of January 23 2017.

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This program provides you with the knowledge you need to choose wholesome, nutrient foods & practical lifestyle adjustments that you and your family will love. You’ll learn how to maximize nutrition while minimizing time & cost. Drawing upon my training and expertise (being self-sufficient, growing, cooking, AND raising a family mostly on my own) you’ll incorporate healthier eating and lifestyle habits to kickstart your personal and professional performance.  You’ll love the practical & budget-wise balanced lessons in clean eating & living with all the benefits saving you time and money in the process.

This is for you ONLY if:

  • you want to stretch your dollar, choosing  & making healthier food and lifestyle choices that are easy and affordable
  • You’re caught up in the busyness of life but don’t want to compromise yours or your family’s health.
  • Need to feed others who have food sensitivities or intolerances
  • You don’t have the time or want to spend hours in the kitchen or researching the internet
  • You’ve heard all the “should’s” & “shouldn’ts” but just want to know HOW to make it work for YOU
  • If you want to refresh your enthusiasm for eating & living cleaner
  • You want to redefine the word “healthy” that suits YOU not a family member, friend or neighbour
  • You want to increase your energy and decrease stress around what you should or shouldn’t eat
  • You want to eat simply. Live simply.
  • You want to decrease inflammation.
  • You want to put the “F” into FUN with food and making practical lifestyle adjustments.

10-Week Eating for Energy Kickstart

is NOT a quick fix.

10-Week Eating for Energy Kickstart

is NOT a magic pill.

There is no such thing. I am not going to promise you the moon in 10 weeks.

You know why?  Because here’s the deal: a magic pill comes from OUTSIDE of you.

It makes you believe that you can’t create that level of success from within. The entire concept of magic pills disempowers YOU. I want you to understand what your life will be like when you tap into your own power step-by-step making practical eating and lifestyle adjustments.

All those “quick fix” programs out there promise results – while you just sit back and wait, right? Hmm, yeah, not so much here.

Great results don’t come from disengaging from your life and hoping for the best. In fact”hoping for the best is what causes most people to give up on themselves. Give up on the goals and intentions they so want to achieve. They have forgotten how to take conscious action…So they wish for a quick fix.

Following the same patterns, expecting a different result…you know the rest.

In your 10-Week Eating for Energy Kickstart, we go deep nourishing your body, mind and soul deep.

Live and eat clean.  It seems simple enough.  You’ve heard all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. But how do you make it happen in your own household. And isn’t organic food more expensive? Sure, eating healthier is great, but not if you go broke in the process. Freedom of choice for making healthier choices combined with proper education and support is the key.

REGISTER  with an email SUBJECT LINE: DO I QUALIFY? We believe in the personal touch!

You will be contacted by one of our Customer Care Crew to complete your enrollment.

With my training & life skills, I will share with you what I know to get you KICK STARTED choosing to eat and live cleaner in  2017.

Why? Because I needed this for myself when there was nothing available. I live what I teach! I have now made this available so that you don’t have to go through what I did.  Concrete steps to move forward making practical adjustments to your eating and lifestyle for increased energy and decreased stress.

RESULTS = Look good, Feel Great with Increased Energy,

Decreased Inflammation,  Weight Loss


Anti-Aging & Disease Prevention in mind.

Wondering where to start?

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  • You are more than what you eat, you are also your lifestyle.  
  • You aren’t getting anywhere with the laws of attraction.
  • And you are not finding joy in your life – which is the whole point of “Better Living” in the first place.

Because it’s time to look after yourself!