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I have been cooking since I was called “Squirt & knee high to a grasshopper (or just about)! I remember baking a cake with my grandma in my Mom’s new oven. (Read DISASTER). Grammie wasn’t used to baking in an electric oven so we ended up with a cake that was soggy in the middle and charcoal around the edges. It got broiled instead of baked! So what did we do? Frost the thing to hide the boo boos! (BTW the frosting was navy blue). Wish I had a pic to show you. Yuck!

My 2 older brothers weren’t too happy with the results, complaining to my mother “Do we have to eat that?”. She replied that I was just learning and they replied ” Ya, but we have to survive while she is learning”.

The cake got tossed (garbage). They survived and I have learned a whole lot since then.  As a young adult and Mom to 2,  my very first business was a home-baking and catering service. Later on, due to a mega dose of prolonged (dis)stress, not dealing well with grief, I began developing health conditions ie: allergies, hypoglycemia, then a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Thinking outside the conventional box, had me changing my lifestyle and eating habits instead of becoming part of our now broken medical system.

If only…

I had known way back when, what I know now. We each have a path to travel, right?

My independent streak and curiosity for learning is what got me formally re-training myself to certify as an Integrative Nutrition Health Practitioner. Putting into practise what I learned and digging deep to get clarity, I live what I teach. I enjoy a saucy seasoned midlife with the fibromyalgia “Beast” kept from rearing its’ ugly head too often.

Where are you now? Are you where you wanted to be? If not why not? My mission is to empower you with practical adjustments to your eating and lifestyle habits toward “Better Living”. Enjoy my Fit Fast  & Fun Recipes that will you save time & money for decreasing inflammation & created with disease prevention and anti-aging in mind.

My best regards for your good health! signature 7_14 1

Elaine Cooper INHC  AADP certified

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Debi Budning

Thank you Elaine! Your relaxed (down-to-earth) teaching style is easy to follow and I learned so many tips and tricks to start rebooting my mind into that healthy mode. I’m now on a journey of being gluten-free for several reasons which include inflammation in my body, better circulation and weight loss.

You never used the word “diet” which I appreciate as that’s a scary thought. You approach us with making “eating & lifestyle changes” slowly and letting us make the move at the pace we can manage…which give us the power to control and decide how fast we want to run with this. 

Being in the kitchen can be a refreshing and fun experience… you inspired that feeling for me!


Disclaimer : Working with Elaine Cooper INHC Integrative Nutrition Health Coach should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is certainly not meant to take the place of seeing your Medical Doctor or other licensed health professionals. Seek another opinion for all medical issues.