June 2017

potato chipsThere now, I’ve got that off my chest. Don’t mean to shout, but you don’t need to blame yourselves every time you make unhealthy eating choices. You’ve heard the chips ad “Bet you can’t eat just one!”.

That’s the whole idea with processed food. To make them as addictive as possible with ingredients your body will crave (unhealthy fats, salt, sugar). They are easy to pick up but lack the nutrients our bodies’ need.

Say nothing about hearing and seeing the ad over and over when you are nice and comfy in your favourite chair watching some TV or on the computer before bed.

Ads are placed to make you jump up and grab something quick like cheesie sticks, chips, cookies or ice cream. And one will never do! There is a whole lot of subtle but powerful messaging in producing and placement.

You don’t have to believe me! Keep an eye out next time you watch a show or you are on the internet to see how many times one pops up at you.

The answer to keeping the addiction under control? Integrate more nutrient dense snacks, something that will satisfy your cravings.

Healthy doesn’t have to be weird! Tastes good too.


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Elaine Cooper  Mom, Gramma, Author, Real Foodist, Speaker, Blogger, & Aeroponic Urban Gardener

Taking the hassle OUT of healthy.

Try this Fit Fast Fun Recipe




Debi Budning

Thank you Elaine! Your relaxed (down-to-earth) teaching style is easy to follow and I learned so many tips and tricks to start rebooting my mind into that healthy mode. I’m now on a journey of being gluten-free for several reasons which include inflammation in my body, better circulation and weight loss.

You never used the word “diet” which I appreciate as that’s a scary thought. You approach us with making “eating & lifestyle changes” slowly and letting us make the move at the pace we would like…which give us the power to control and decide how fast we want to run with this. 

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