Stopping The Pain…You didn’t drop in and I just had to

        YBLC BLOG Volume 5  September 24, 2016


“Some of my feelings have been stored so long they have freezer burn”. Melody Beattie author of “The Language of Letting Go”.

This saying really spoke to me…

If you are struggling to find clarity with something in your life personally or professionally and it is not available to you today, which makes sense to you? Trust that things will become clear, OR struggle to gain perspective before it is time? Believe me, the latter will make you BSC (bat-sh-t crazy)!

When the Beast of fibromyalgia is pelting me with pain, is there a lesson? Pain hurts. It does not feel good. In the past, I tended to want to be in control & figure it all out. It wasn’t a conscious decision.

Today, I remind myself that it will only hurt for a while, to get off my own case.

I look around and see what were the triggers that let the Beast out to harass me. The weather? (I am the Great Canadian Weather Weenie.) Working like a mad woman with no thought to my well-being? (Have to keep firing her!) I don’t always know what the source is. I have learned to be ok with that and I push back when my boundaries are crossed, no guilt.

After being widowed for the second time, I kept hearing the Beatles song “Let it Be”. I can visualize, even now, where I was and what I was doing when it started playing…with family, in the car, coming out of a restaurant in Ottawa before I moved here.

How things in my life would work out sure wasn’t clear. Sensitive is my middle name. I was driving myself crazy agonizing over the“I should” and “I shouldn’t” and “what if’s”. That was on top of an overload of grief. I was used to working things out personally by myself and professionally with my husband, who was also my business partner. Taking the offer of business mentorship from a friend and savvy entrepreneur was my first best step that year.

In hindsight, I know the “Beast” originated from years of me not respecting my boundaries, being & doing everything for everybody and looking for approval from people who had none to give.

For a very long time I hung onto the inevitable painful feelings that are a part of growing past grief towards acceptance, healing and reviving to the other side. I have gotten to know myself much better throughout this process and am able to look at my life and realize many more gifts I received along the way.

It takes COURAGE to be willing to stand still and feel what you must feel. Take responsibility for your own self-care and watch how the flow and freedom of healing energy unleashes your potential! If you haven’t already, you will learn what the meaning of courage truly is. September is pain awareness month. Stop the pain.



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Elaine Cooper YBLC Mom, Gramma, Author, Real Foodist, Speaker, Blogger, &  Aeroponic Urban Gardener

Taking the hassle OUT of healthy.

My Favourite Things in COOPER’S KITCHEN  

You didn’t drop in and I just had to. Ok, ok I ate the whole thing myself. Nope didn’t share even a bite!

Of course, not all at once as too much sugar and I don’t dance very well.

But you’ve got to try these brownies! or anything from this company located in Coaticook not far from my home town of Ayer’s Cliff.  Not this is what I call a time saver and it isn’t made by Betty “you know who”. Want gluten-free that tastes good? This prepared mix is free of potato starch, white flours, and additives. Just plain YUM and way healthier than most with dense whole grains (no wheat) like amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat.   Watch video


Tell me YOUR why? Is it your intention to make adjustments to your eating and lifestyle to increase your personal and professional performance? Struggling to make it happen in your household? Have you received recommendations to make changes from your doctor with the warning, “or else”?  No need to feel overwhelmed or deprived. Turn your intention into action steps. Share with me your why for making healthier choices in your life.

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