How dare I be different

YBLC BLOG Volume 5  July 13, 2016

Recently I was visiting with my Mom when I was down for local Canada Day celebrations.


We went out for supper. You know you’re getting to be “that age” when you look at the pics hanging at your local fast food stop #Wood’s and you actually recognize what it looked like in those original pics. Geesh! As a kid, after a hair cut from my aunt, we would get a nickel to get an ice cream cone there. My favourite was maple walnut with huge pieces of walnuts. Yum! We lived out of town so the whole experience was a huge treat.

So what the heck do you do now, when you choose to eat gluten free and dairy sends your digestive system grumbling?

I used to feel like I was imposing on my dinner mates when eating out. I really felt uncomfortable especially when I would get those “looks. I didn’t like rocking the boat. How dare I be different? It took some guts and getting used to “ASKING”. Why should I feel like crap to eat like the rest? Won’t kill me, but it is worth how I feel day to day.

The best places I like to dine in (on a gluten free-not celiac, dairy free diet) are Japanese, (ask for gluten free soy sauce) Thai restaurants (sauces usually coconut cream), and where I can get grilled fish, chicken, or vegetables, a baked potato or steamed vegetables.

3 Tips to Follow When You Dine Out

  1. Before ordering, check the restaurant menu carefully for gluten free or dairy free dishes or ASK (don’t be shy) for recommendations on the menu. A knowledgeable server will guide you or even ask the chef. (Yup, it happens regularly when I ask.)
  2. Avoid most sauces as all contain thickeners made with regular wheat flour and dairy.
  3. Be aware though that if they don’t have a dedicated gluten free kitchen, there may still be some contamination. More restaurants today are conscious, but you still need to keep your guard up. Not worth suffering the consequences.

If you’re dining in here is a video for my Fit Fast Fun Summer Beet & Quinoa Salad recipe. Great for picnics too.  Happy summer!

Be creative!
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