faces of courage

Volume 1 Issue 18 November 19, 2014

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What we feed our soul is as important as what we feed our bodies never more so than when  experiencing major life change.  I spent an afternoon recently with friends I hadn’t seen for quite awhile.  Actually, way longer than I had preferred.

There I saw the faces of courage on two very special ladies. The mother a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and daughter her caregiver at home. We laughed sharing stories of our families  and reminisced about where and how we met.

You see, I only got to know this family after the passing of my first husband.  His working near their home was the connecting link.  He enjoyed their kindnesses,  conversation, and warm home cooking his last winter with us.  When tragedy struck our little family with his loss, they reached out and treated us like family.

Where I grew up, there is that unspoken tradition of bringing food for the household. I decided this time that the most appropriate things for me to bring (besides homemade pickles) were HUGS.  There sure were plenty of those, huge ones joyfully reciprocated.

I won’t assume to know the perfect recipe for life’s changing moments. From experience, making a simple gesture like delivering hugs & reconnecting can have a huge impact on relieving the stress of grief.


Since writing this my special friend passed on to watch over us. Lorna your courage and kindness will never be forgotten.

I am so thankful for reconnecting with those friends and with you. I hope you will receive and enjoy these newsletters in the same way they are extended to you .  With LOVE!

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