who you are and who you can become

Volume 1 Issue 6 2014

There is empowerment discovering who you are and who you become going through change. You may cringe with a mighty mix of emotions when someone says “You are so courageous” or ” You are so brave”.  Anger, sadness, disbelief, emptiness, fatigue are just some of  the ingredients to discover what brave means.  Feeling anything but brave,  instead scared to death how to manage it all?

To move forward toward healing there will come a moment when you know you wouldn’t ever want to go back. Is it hard ? Hell yes!  Maybe you are asking why this was to be your path when you feel like everyone else is the lucky one and you are all alone with no obvious answers.

Dandelion in clover

What if…….. you looked at it like this?

A child is given a pizza size chocolate chip cookie.   You decide to use this as a teaching tool telling her/him that sharing with friends would be a nice thing to do. Reluctantly they give 1 piece, then 2 then 3 and so on until there is a moderate size left they can easily handle.  Happy faces are smiling all around and lesson learned.

Ok, ok I know they probably kicked up a fuss ’cause they  wanted to eat the whole thing by themselves!  What about using this for yourself as a metaphor  for going through change?  You don’t have to do this alone. Share with someone you trust & build support step by step for living a happier, healthier life  & becoming the YOU you want to be. Makes the task alot less daunting.

(Couldn’t resist posting this recipe after writing that! )

FEATURE ARTICLE                  Another RECIPE from Cooper’s Kitchen (that’s me!)

Gluten free Pizza Crust

Did you get my message about my  surprise?  EARLY BIRD SAVINGS will continue until my birthday on May 25th!


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