how I increased my energy (and you can too)

Volume 1 Issue 7 2014

What a gorgeous weekend of bright sunshine, birthday celebrations for a grandson, and tip-toeing through the tulips in Ottawa. Raising three daughters and having 3 grandgirls having a little grandson is so different.  He loved the flowers but the wheelbarrows were his favourite!

DiDi and me

DiDi and me


Feature Article

While I am now a health coach and understand how to increase my energy and lose weight safely without drastic measures, it wasn’t always that way.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight. I remember how it made me lack  confidence and uncomfortable with what others my age thought of me. Later on, as an adult, allergies, hypoglycemia then fibromyalgia raised their ugly heads.

I finally discovered that the problem wasn’t me. It was a lack of information about the underlying causes. Not one of the diet or nutrition books I read mentioned how I could be sensitive to certain foods.  And that these foods were causing inflammation and even weight loss resistance.

I thought I was eating healthy foods, but what I learned is that some of the foods I was eating were actually viewed as toxins by my body.

I know how frustrating it is to go on a detox diet and be hungry. Want to transform the way you look and think about food?  I am going to show you a way to think about your body and food with delicious recipes that will satisfy your taste  buds.


Any information on this blog on on my website is not to be taken as medical advice or as a replacement for consulting your doctor.

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