we all have one of these

Without these we would not be on this planet.  Of course, I am talking about our mothers! This past Mother’s Day my Mom also celebrated a birthday. What does my mother say when asked what she would like to do for the day? “Nothing”!  I warned her that if she was leaving it up to me, it would be “game on” for a road trip stopping wherever and whenever.

 Mom & I Me and Mom at the “dam”. 

Mother Nature supplied the gorgeous blue sky and sunshine.  Our stops were numerous.  The first, a favourite spot at the “dam” on the river where our family used to spend a summer Sunday, then the family farmstead(new owners) where she was born.  She had a grand time sharing her memories ( fishing for trout in the brook) and seeing how things had changed, like the pine tree her Dad planted, that now dwarfs the shed.  We even ending up chatting with neighbours she had known since a child.

Bliss farm Fairfax Rd

Brook at Fairfax






The greatest gifts don’t necessarily come from shopping the malls or the internet.

Ending up the day with a nice meal together was the best Mother’s Day/birthday present I could have given her. You see, Mom has fibromyalgia & macular degeneration (legally blind). The opportunity to be out and about on such a gorgeous day was ………….priceless!

I still chuckle thinking about a recent conversation. Talking about doing a detox, I got asked if I had “healed myself” with my blender! Well, yes and no.  That wasn’t the only thing I have done to manage my health. READ MORE here

Have you registered?  This is the bonus week for EARLY BIRD SAVINGS



RECIPE from Cooper’s Kitchen (that’s me!)

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Gingery Greens  (for 4)


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