birthing an elephant

A recent trip to western Canada held some expected and unexpected adventures.  Wondering what an elephant might be doing in cowboy/girl country? No, I wasn’t at the zoo.

It has everything to do with my body attempting to pass a kidney stone.  When asked by the paramedics if I could describe the pain, I told them that it felt like I was giving birth to an elephant out a back rib!  If you have ever had the experience you know quite well what I am talking about.  I was all for the painkillers to be able to get off the floor.  Dramatic? Hell yeah!

With Nurse Fuzzy Paws looking after me and some brotherly TLC, I made it through and got back home safely. Pure cranberry juice on the rocks is now my daily cocktail of choice to prevent another attack.Nurse Fuzzy Paws

Enjoy the recipe for Cranberry Scones.  They are grain free, gluten free and dairy free.  I made these recently for a workshop. Crumbs were all that was left!   I would love to hear how they turned out for you.                           Bon appetit!



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